• Powerful 40-Watt Motor
  • Dual Rechargeable Batteries
  • 2+ Hours of Cut Time
  • High-Quality Components
  • Non-Exposed  Blade Non-Exposed
    Blade for Safety
  • Cardboard Cuts 1/4in Cuts up to 1/4 inch
    thick cardboard
  • Card Board Designed specifically for cardboard
  • Powerful 40-watt motor Powerful
    40-watt motor
  • High Build  Quality High-quality
  • 2 Hours of  Cut Time Up to 2 hours
    cutting time
  • Column

    BoxBlayde is by far the safest & most efficient method for recycling boxes that we have ever seen.>>>  *   High quality build>  *   Quiet (I haven’t run the dbs yet)>  *   Impressive built in safety features – cover switch,  plug cut off>> I simply love it.

    Wake G.
  • Amazing product! Great packaging!! Just used it once so far as I just got it! I am telling you it was a timesaver! As well as it saved my hands from the dreaded tearing heavy duty boxes apart! So happy with it! I was kept up to date on the progress and arrival time which was great to see. 

    I recommend this to all fathers for the Father’s Day in June! 🙌 Thank you!

    Natalie Q.
  • "Received mine this morning , it arrives in a nice package that holds all the the associated bits and bobs, as forecast by Rob the outer delivery box was the first victim and thanks to his earlier email the Boxblayde made exceptionally short work of this.Big well done to the Box Blayde team on an outstanding campaign from start to finish"

    Michael I.
  • Column

    My employees now volunteer for box duty. I feel much better giving them a Boxblayde than handing them a box cutter. This thing is great!!

    David G.
  • Column

    Received my BoxBlayde.

    Well done guys!

    High quality!

    I love the safety switch (micro switch) when opening the lid for blade replacement!

    Thoroughly Thought Through!


    Edon V.
  • "Just received in Europe. Tried a few boxes and works great. No indication so far that this will end up in my KS box of fails as this one works great and does what is advertised."


BoxBlayde in Action

Manual cardboard box breakdowns can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Slicing through cardboard using traditional methods requires effort, precision, and time that many people find challenging to spare.

Enter BoxBlayde—the ultimate solution that transforms this laborious task into a swift, efficient process.

The Cutting Edge of Recycling

The Cutter Evolve

The Box Cutter, Evolved

BoxBlayde is the first purpose-built tool designed to cut cardboard boxes. With its rapidly vibrating blade and dual rechargeable batteries, it makes quick work of even the thickest cardboard boxes.

No More Cardboard Clutter

BoxBlayde helps you reclaim your garage space. With the increase in online shopping, cardboard boxes often pile up in the garage, leaving little room for vehicles or anything else.

BoxBlayde allows you to efficiently cut and dispose of these boxes, helping you to fit more into each recycling collection and freeing up your garage for what it’s designed for.

Taming Cardboard Chaos at Work

BoxBlayde isn't just a household hero. It's a game-changer for businesses too. If you’re drowning in a sea of cardboard boxes, BoxBlayde is your lifeboat.

This tool swiftly and efficiently breaks down boxes, making your waste management a smooth and hassle-free process. Say goodbye to the cardboard chaos and hello to a tidier, more organized workspace.

Easy and Safe Cardboard Cutting

BoxBlayde is the perfect tool for cutting cardboard. Unlike other multi-purpose cutting tools that aren’t effective at cutting cardboard, BoxBlayde is specifically designed with powerful and strong components to deal with even the toughest cardboard.

BoxBlayde isn't solely focused on performance. We also prioritize safety with its hidden blade design, significantly reducing the risk of accidental cuts.

A Tool for Everyone 

Are you the go-to recycling hero in your family? Let BoxBlayde take over!

This nifty tool makes the perfect gift. With BoxBlayde, your loved ones can tackle their cardboard mountains with ease, and you can hang up your cape and enjoy a well-deserved break.

BoxBlayde At A Glance

  • Designed Specifically For Cardboard
  • Dual Rechargeable Batteries Dual Rechargeable Batteries
  • Non-Exposed  Blade Non-Exposed Blade
  • Cuts up to ¼ inch thick cardboard Cuts up to ¼ inch thick cardboard
  • High Build  Quality High Build Quality
  • Powerful 40-watt motor Powerful 40-watt motor
  • Non-Exposed  Blade Uses Standard Utility Knife Blades
  • 2 Hours of  Cut Time 2 Hours of Cut Time

Technical Specifications

  • Dual 18,650 cell LI batteries w/ 2,850 mAH capacity
  • 2 hours of cutting time
  • ¼ inch mouth opening
  • Cuts through even the thickest cardboard with ease
  • Powerful 40-watt motor
Cardboard Cutter
  • Uses standard utility knife blades
  • Non-exposed blade for safety
  • Solid build and industrial-quality components
  • Charge time -  2 hours from 0% to 100%

BoxBlayde's Innovative Power Tool Unveiled!

BoxBlayde streamlines the laborious chore of breaking down cardboard boxes for recycling, making it swift and efficient. This leaves you with additional time to indulge in activities you love. Why not reclaim that extra time for yourself?
  • Rob Wright

    Rob Wright (Founder & CEO)

    Rob is a forward-thinking executive with a successful track record spanning more than 20 years in building innovative businesses from the ground up. These businesses have collectively generated over $3 billion in sales in industries including digital advertising, healthcare, e-commerce and human resource technology.

  • Rick Spitz

    Rick Spitz (Founder & CTO)

    Rick brings more than 35 years of expertise in technology invention and development, with professional experience at Apple Computer, ReachLocal, and Digital Equipment Corporation. In recent years, his industrial design company has provided strategic technology guidance to a variety of companies, and he has secured more than 20 patents in the U.S. and other countries.

  • John Spitz

    John Spitz (Co-Founder & CPO)

    John brings more than a decade of experience to BoxBlayde as a lead designer and chief engineer, including his extensive background in CAD/CAM, modeling, 3D printing and other rapid prototyping processes. He was one of the early pioneers in the area of personal drone kits and has been named as an inventor on a number of U.S. patents.

  • <strong>Dan Ginsberg</strong>

    Dan Ginsberg (Co-Founder & COO)

    Dan has led and contributed to the management of operations and supply chains for hundreds of businesses across a range of industries for more than 20 years. His extensive background allows him to work with a vast, global supplier networks to secure value-added providers who optimize production, logistics, distribution and service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes BoxBlayde different from other powered cutting tools?

BoxBlayde is the only device created for the sole purpose of cutting through any and all types of cardboard, especially cardboard boxes.

 It’s far more effective than the multi-purpose cutting tools available in the market advertised as box cutters and more cost-effective than expensive “tool systems” that require separate purchases of a separate device, battery and charger.

Does BoxBlayde come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 1-year limited warranty for BoxBlayde. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship of the product for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.

How long does the battery last on a single charge?

The dual rechargeable batteries allow for up to two hours of cutting time.

What type of blades does BoxBlayde use?

BoxBlayde uses standard, replacement utility knife blades (up to 62mm in length), which are readily available and easy to replace.

Is BoxBlayde safe to use?

Yes, the non-exposed blade of BoxBlayde makes box cutting much safer, preventing accidental cuts and injuries.  Recommended for usage by adults ages 18 and older only.

What is BoxBlayde made out of?

BoxBlayde’s outer shell is made from a combination of rigid plastic and durable rubber for grip. The inner frame and moving parts are made of aluminium.

How do I install new blades?

Simply remove the blade cover by removing the blade cover screw. Once removed, unscrew the screw and washer securing the blade. Remove the blade, insert a new blade or flip the blade to the unused side, re install the screw and washer and re install the blade cover. (Note: for safety purposes, the unit will not operate when the blade cover is removed.)

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